Startup to Stand Up -Make your “business Dream” a “Reality”


You need to follow the steps and GUIDES Presented in the forms of “ frequently asked questions mentioned in the books.

This book will guide and help you to Make your “business Dream” a “Reality”

A  copy of Startup to Stand Up will answer you the following

  • How to Get a definite and clear business vision?
  • What should be the business plan and way forward for your business?
  • How to select the right name for your product/service?
  • How to make the internal execution and management team?
  • How to Funds for your business- when, how, how much and from where funds should be raised?
  • How to present your business ideas to the investors?
  • For how many years the investors should remain in your business?
  • What should be the suitable exit options to the investors?
  • And much more…

By downloading the whitepaper you’ll get to know

  1. What you need for your business?
  2. Business Plan to service and grow
  3. Business Model
  4. Building the Brand
  5. Valuation of your business
  6. Rewarding the investors
  7. Exit option to the investors

Get you copy today.



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